Gamereer features

Creating and managing the employees’ profiles

Gamereer will help you add new profiles of your employees really fast. You just need to give the name and position your employee occupies. Once the profile is created you can:

  • manage the competencies required on a position an employee occupies;
  • manage the other competencies of an employee – additional competencies may be useful when you are looking for suitable candidates for a given position or a new project;
  • manage the goals an employee has to attain in a given period, thanks to which you can motivate your employees better. Attaining each goal may mean winning an award;
  • set the development path for your employee.

Managing the development of your employees

On the profile of every employee you can set the development path. When you enter the “Development” tab, you will see the positions your employee can develop for. Next to each position you will see the information, expressed as a percentage, showing the extent to which an employee meets the requirements for every position. In the editing mode, the administrator or the manager can add positions for development. There is no limit to the number of positions an employee can develop for.


Setting the goals to attain

Apart from the positions the employees can develop for in Gamereer, you can also set goals for the employee to attain. Attaining the goal can result in the employee getting additional points. The goal can be added by the manager or the administrator. When you determine the goal, you have to give its name, completion date and, as an optional extra, reward points. The goal set for the employee should be comprehensible, realistic and measurable, so that you can determine if the goal is attained or not. After the goal is attained you need to enter the editing mode and tick the checkbox “completed”. After saving this information, the goal is put on the list of completed goals, the employee is awarded additional points and the information about attaining the goal is visible on the activity wall.


Comparing the employees

Gamereer allows to compare two employees easily. In a simple and fast way you can check which employee is more qualified and appropriate for a given position or project. The function of comparing employees is a tool which can help you allocate resources in your organisation better.

It may often turn out that the person occupying a given position might be more suitable somewhere else and the employee we underestimated will be more successful elsewhere.

Comparing employees is available while viewing the employee profile, the list of employees and search results. In those places you can compare two employees with each other. If you want two compare more employees, you can use the wall of competencies, in which you will find all the information about your employees.


Adding awards for the employees

The points the employees get can be spent on awards. What awards will be available for your employees is dependent on the capabilities of your HR department. The more interesting the awards, the more motivated the employees will be. Nonfinancial awards are well worth considering. Those may include cinema tickets, company T-shirts, ability to take part in a training session that will develop competencies or an additional day off work. Each award added to the system should include a name, picture and the number of points an employee has to collect to receive the award.


Gamereer search engine allows to find employees, competencies, positions and departments. It is possible to search data through many different categories at the same time. This will help you find employees from selected departments, who have a few particular competencies. The search engine will be useful when building project teams or finding people with very specific sets of competencies.


Adding job advertisements

For the sake of internal recruitment Gamereer gives the possibility to add job offers. This allows all the employees to find out that there are new opportunities for promotion in the organisation. Every employee can check to what extent they meet the requirements connected with the competencies necessary for a given position. This function will improve the internal recruitment process and allow your company to avoid the high costs connected with external recruitment.


Managing the list of competencies in the organisation

Gamereer will help you manage all the competencies in a company with ease. Building the database of company competencies is very simple. Normally, every competency   consists of levels 1-5, where 1 equals basic knowledge of a given competency and 5 means the highest proficiency. If your organisation uses a different scale, such as 1-3 or 1-10, you can manage the database of the competencies by deleting or adding new levels and adapt it to the scales functioning in your company.


Managing the positions

Gamereer is also the database of all the positions in your company. Every description of a position should include the competencies required and the minimum level of proficiency. As a result, it will be easy to check to what extent particular people meet the requirements necessary for a given position.

In many organisations some positions may frequently change. Thanks to Gamereer you can instantly edit the requirements connected with a given position. After you save the changes they will be visible on all the profiles of the employees that occupy this positions, so it will not be necessary to update every profile separately.


Managing the departments in the organisation

Departments is another function that will help you manage your organisation better. Departments enable you to build the company structure when you add new employees. Additionally, they make it easy for you to search for information within the organisation.


The function of the manager

No department or team in your company will function properly without a manager. The manager in Gamereer has access to all the profiles of his subordinate employees. The manager can edit their profiles, set the competencies levels, designate the development paths or set goals for the employees to attain.


Points and improving competencies

One of the main objectives of Gamereer is taking advantage of gamification mechanisms in order to motivate the employees. The mechanisms, which are well-known from games, are easily accessible in many different places in the system and they are all based on points, so called “reers”. Your employees are able to use reers to buy awards and to improve the level of their competencies. The more points the employee gets from their colleagues, the easier it will be to improve the level of their competencies. The development of the competencies is gradually getting more and more difficult, as you need more time to reach the expert level or increase the proficiency.


The wall of activities

On the wall of activities your employees will be able to check what is happening in the organisation. They will find out which of their colleagues are getting new competencies. They will also discover new job offers and learn who was successful in attaining their goals. The wall of activities can be viewed for specific departments as well as for the whole company.


Automatic analysis of the competencies

Gamereer is a tool which will facilitate the functioning of your HR department. Automatic analysis of the competencies is one of the functions which will help you check which teams lack competencies and if there are any employees whose potential is not fully exploited.

A lot of companies use different tools to store information about their employees. One of the most popular tools is Excel. Drawing on the experience of our first clients we provided you with a tool which shows the information about every employee in the system in a similar way. The wall of competencies incorporates a search engine and a tool to compare the employees with each other. The wall enables you to compare many employees at the same time.


Dismissing employees

Gamereer also allows you to store information about the people who are no longer hired in your company. After an employee is dismissed, they are hidden on the list and they are not visible. Viewing such employees is only possible in the mode of dismissed employees. This mode enables you to view the dismissed employees and compare them with others. The dismissed employee can also be rehired.


Creating employees accounts

If your organisation wants to use Gamereer to motivate employees, it is a good idea to create accounts for them in the service, which does not involve any additional costs. After creating an account, the employee can log into to the system, view their profile, the positions they are developing for and the aims they need to attain. They also have access to the wall of activities and can give other employees points to develop their competencies. The employee cannot see the profiles of other people from the organisation, unless they are a manager of the administrator.


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