Motivate consciously.
Every day.
By competence.

Gamereer is an innovative HR application to
manage the competencies of your employees,
using gamification and HR analytics mechanisms.

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Gamereer is a HR analytics tool, which enables:

Managing the development of your employees

It will easily let you create their development paths and use their competencies better

Strengthening employees motivation and involvement

You can set individual goals to attain for each of your employees

Rewarding for work results

Your employees can be given points for a job well done and get awards

HR analytics and automatic data analysis

You will check which teams lack competencies and who works below their qualifications

Training management

Your employees will be able to develop their competencies

Internal recruitment

You will add a new job advertisement quickly and easily

Comparison of employees competencies

It will quickly let you check who is more suitable for a given post

Limiting employees resignations

Gamereer will let you understand their needs better and take advantage of their potential fully

How it works?

Enter or import data
about your employees

Set the competencies

Set objectives and positions
for which they can develop

Set awards for
attaining goals
and development

Let your employees
motivate one another

Check the results
by automatic reports
and allocate resources better

Free 30-day trial
Standard version
  • access to all Gamereer functionalities
  • unlimited number of competencies, positions and awards
  • no charge for new Gamereer functions

The number of employees


  • Darmowe
  • 9 PLN
  • 8 PLN
  • 7 PLN
  • 5 PLN
Exclusive Version
  • Private domain
  • Integration with Active Directory or other user base
  • Dedicated functionalities
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